GoHighLevel Agency Contract & Payment Funnel

Our GoHighLevel Agency Contract & Payment Funnel

I’m going to show you and take you through our GoHighLevel Contract & Payment funnel we use as an agency to sign new clients (Looking for more information on HighLevel? Check out our GoHighLevel Review).

This funnel has…

– saved us money because we no longer use subscription signature software such as PandaDoc

– it’s freed up our time by simplifying and automating our process

and most importantly…

– it’s helped us double our closing rate on our sales calls

So pay attention as I’m going to take you step by step through the funnel and talk about how we use it during the sales call to build authority, conquer objections, & reduce future buyer remorse.


Let’s go…

The Contract & Payment Funnel

Our payment funnel is simply 4 steps:

– Proposal / Terms Of Service Agreement

– Client Expectations Agreement

– Checkout

– Thank You

1) Proposal / Terms Of Service Agreement

Every page within the funnel has the same design with a progress indicator to highlight which step the prospect is current completing.

Our agreement page contains our proposal, our value stack, terms of service, guarantee details, and an agreement form at the bottom of the page. We no longer send out proposals. Our qualification process ensures that our sales calls / demos are conducted with only the ready to buy qualified prospects who are the decision makers within their business. All the fields within the form need to be completed in order to submit the form.

An automation workflow is triggered upon submission of the form and the prospect is taken to the next step within the funnel. The triggered workflow…

– immediately emails the prospect a pdf of the agreement along with the information submitted in the form

– sends an email notification to me that contains the same agreement pdf and submitted information

– updates the prospect info within our HighLevel account

2) Client Expectations Agreement

Next we’ve got our Expectations Agreement. Our prospects need to sign our expectations agreement to become a client as well as qualify for our guarantee. The expectations agreement is designed to reinforce the commitment & understanding from the prospect that this is a partnership, that they have responsibilies, and to protect us from any underhand behaviour that takes advantage of our guarantee (FYI – we offer a full money back guarantee if we do not hit our targets).

Once again upon submission of the form a workflow is triggered and a copy of the agreement is sent to the prospect, a copy is sent to me, and their record is updated within HighLevel.

3) Checkout

A nice simple checkout where they fill in their details, select whether they want a 1 or 3 month initial term, and pay by credit card. Our 3-month initial term is 10% cheaper than paying for 3 individual months and it also has the benefit of a better guarantee.

You can add any product you want into here for the prospect to select. Your HighLevel account needs to be connected to your Stripe account to add products. When it is you can setup products for one-time payment, subscription or payment plan. We use one-time payment and manually setup the subscription within Stripe to begin when renewal is due. Stripe is setup to automatically send a receipt. A successful payment triggers a workflow that sends out welcome emails with next steps, notification to me and updates our HighLevel CRM.

4) Thank You

A nice welcome onboard message followed by details of next steps with timeframes and any other information you nedd to convey at this point. There should be no excuse for your new client to not know what happens next, how long it will take and the required completion deadline.

How We Doubled Our Closing Rate Using This Funnel

All of our sales call are conducted via video call. At the end of the sales call when we’ve got a verbal commitment we send them a templated email with a link to the payment funnel.

We already have the payment funnel open on the screen share and we take them through each page step by step. We again go over the value stack, we go through the terms of service, we go over the guarantee, the expectations agreement, and we are constantly asking for feedback and if they have any questions or concerns as we go through the funnel. We talk about how to make the payment. Then we spend a 5 minutes talking about our onboarding process, our training academy, time frames, go-live dates, and when they can expect to see the first result from our campaign.

The aim is to make sure that all possible questions or objections that might arise due to the payment and onboarding process are answered, that expectations are firmly set, time frames are set, and the next steps until go-live have been fully understood.

This is so simple to do and has helped us double our sales call closing rate.

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