GoHighLevel Review

GoHighLevel Review 2022

Welcome to my GoHighLevel Review 2022. My name is Antony and I’m a digital marketing agency owner. I’ve been using the GoHighLevel software since 2019 for my agency and all my client accounts.

This review is based on my day to day hands-on experience using the platform. I’ll talk about the benefits and how it can help you make more sales, save you money, save you time and help you retain clients for longer. But I’ll also give you my opinion on what the software isn’t.

The team at HighLevel are constantly adding extra features. So I’ll do my best to keep this review as up to date as possible throughout the year (Last updated: August 31, 2022)

Read on for my GoHighLevel Review 2022…

Table of Contents

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel - Summary

Pricing: $97 – $497

Our Rating: 4.9/5

First Published: January 10, 2021
Last Updated: August 31, 2022

TLDR; Summary: GoHighLevel Is The #1 Sales & Marketing Platform That Enables You To Scale Your Agency With Ease

GoHighLevel is the all in one sales and marketing platform that’s taken the marketing world by storm. It’s designed by marketers and used by thousands of marketing agencies around the world.

The platform is marketed as “The #1 Automation and Text Messaging Platform for Marketing Agencies” but it is so much more than that!

The GoHighLevel platform will save you money, save you time, and enable you to make more sales without the stress of using multiple systems bolted together with zaps.

The software offers landing pages, sales funnels, CRM, email marketing, SMS marketing, reputation management, a social media scheduling tool, membership areas (course), call tracking, AI conversation bot, and more on a single platform. That’s right, you get all the functionality of those individual platforms consolidated into one.

And then there’s SAAS mode – the ability to resell the software under your own brand for a monthly payment/subscription.  SAAS mode provides a way to increase the amount your clients pay you each month and helps you keep clients for longer.

Let’s clear something up… The software is really called HighLevel but is often referred to as GoHighLevel or GHL. Why? The highlevel.com domain was already owned by another company so they placed “go” at the beginning of the URL and the term GoHighLevel was born.

GoHighLevel Benefits

Go High Level will save you money

HighLevel consolidates the functionality of multiple platforms into one and charges you less for it whilst doing a better job. Take a look at the table below and calculate how much you could save.

GoHighLevel will save you money

Before migrating across to HighLevel back in 2019 I was using…

  • Clickfunnels
  • Active Campaign
  • ClickSend
  • CallRail
  • Gravity Forms
  • Calendly
  • and Zapier to hook everything together

As you can see, migrating to HighLevel immediately saved me hundreds of dollars every month and as my agency has grown it has increasingly saved me a small fortune each & every month!

You'll save time

The automation capabilities will be an absolute game-changer for you and your business. If you do something more than once you should create an SOP and then automate it as much as possible. The automations we’ve set up are saving us hours of work each week. This enables us to spend more time on revenue-generating activities. We’ve automated our:

  • lead nurture sequence (text, SMS, voicemail drops) – to increase the number of appointments made
  • appointment reminder sequence (text, SMS, voicemail drops) – to dramatically reduce the no-show rate
  • sales proposal process – automatically generating proposals for signing and then paying with daily reminders to the prospective client to do so. As soon as they do, they are automatically placed into our onboarding process
  • onboarding process – save us hours of back and forth manual communication with a simple step by step automated process
  • testimonial & review generation process 

Easy Duplication with snapshots – If you have lots of clients in the same niche you can save hours by duplicating entire client campaigns from one sub-account to another. I’m talking everything you need: landing pages, sales pipelines, calendars, soap opera sequences (nurture sequence), calendars, appointment reminder sequences. Our build out time for a client campaign has dropped from taking a whole day to just a couple of hours.

You'll make more sales

With GoHighLevel you will have more time to focus on sales and client retention.

You will be able to:

  • easily track where your new leads are coming from
  • know the prospecting channel that generates you the most sales
  • split test landing pages and sign up pages (Agency Pro Account only) to improve lead generation
  • connect your google my business and implement call tracking, 2 way messaging, missed call text notifications
  • connect your Facebook & Instagram business pages and easily respond to messaging
  • add a chat widget to your website and respond quickly to all incoming inquiries & questions
  • easily take payments and implement bump offers on your sales pages
  • resell  GoHighLevel as your own rebranded whitelabelled product (SAAS mode) with different levels of features at different price points. To do SAAS justice I would need to dedicate another blog post to it.
  • and so much more!

GoHighLevel has enabled me to scale my agency whilst increasing client retention. Clients now stay with us for 14 months on average compared to 3 months pre-GHL! GHL enables you to implement solutions that fix your clients problems. This makes your clients happy and happy clients will keep paying you money.

How Much Does GoHighLevel Cost?

GoHighLevel has 3 base plans available:

  1. The Starter Account
  2. The Freelancer Account
  3. The Agency Pro Account
GoHighLevel Pricing

The Starter Account: $97 per month

The Starter Account (previously called the Agency Starter Account) is $97 per month. This is ideal if you want to use GoHighLevel for your business only and do not have a requirement for any of the premium upgrades/subscriptions such as HIPAA compliance or the White-Label App. Click here to sign up for a 14 day free trial of the HighLevel Starter Account and select the Agency Starter Plan at checkout.

The Freelancer Account: $297 per month

The Freelancer Account (previously called the Agency Unlimited Account) is $297 per month. This is account you must have if you will be using GoHighLevel for your agency and also for your clients. The Freelancer Account offers all the features of the Starter Account but also comes with unlimited sub-accounts (unlimited location accounts) and the ability to white-label the desktop app. Any premium upgrades require you to have this account subscription. Click here to sign up for a 14 day free trial of the HighLevel Freelancer Account and select the Agency Unlimited Plan at checkout.

The Agency Pro Account: $497 per month

The Agency Pro Account (aka SAAS Mode) is $497 per month. Take your agency to the next level with SAAS Mode. This plan enables you to resell HighLevel straight out of the box using your own brand. Create your own prices plans and decide which features are to be included. You can even rebill email, phone, and text charges with a % increase to your clients. The Pro Account also includes split testing, advanced API access, more reporting features, and AI Conversational bot! Click here to sign up for a 14 day free trial of the HighLevel SAAS Plan and take your agency to the next level. 

Subscription Upgrades

There are several subscription upgrades available. The two most common asked for ones are HIPAA compliance and the White-Label Mobile App. Both require you to have at minimum The Freelancer Account. The HIPAA compliance upgrade is an extra $297 per month. The White-Label App is an extra $497 per month.

GoHighLevel Annual Discount

HighLevel do offer a discount on the base plans if you pay annually. You will get 2 months free, if you upgrade to an annual subscription. As you can see in the graphic below, paying annually will save you up to $996 per year.

GoHighLevel Annual Pricing Discount

GoHighLevel Features

GoHighLevel CRM

HighLevel provides the tools you need to capture leads, nurture those leads, close sales & retain your customers for longer. But at the heart of it all is a powerful CRM solution.

Smart Lists – A smart list is a saved segment of contacts who meet specific filter conditions. As soon as a smart list is created, any new or updated contact that matches the filter conditions will automatically be added to the smart list. You can then run actions and setup automations to run just for that smart list.


You can have as many custom pipelines to track your leads & customers as you need for your business – sales pipelines for individual services, onboarding pipelines, new customer pipelines, etc..

Marketing Automation

Workflows – Workflow builder is a visual tool that enables you to create & build powerful marketing automations for your agency and your clients. Released in April 2021, workflow builder is the replacement for campaign builder (so ignore those out of date reviews that talk about campaign builder!).


It brings together campaigns and triggers in one spot but with added functionality and actions, including…

  • Conditions & workflow actions (if/else, Go To, Wait, Webhooks)
  • External communications (email, sms, call, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, GMB Messaging, etc…)
  • CRM actions (add to CRM, update CRM, one time charge, send review request, etc…)
  • Membership actions (membership grant offer, revoke offer)
Actions available within HighLevel workflows

Without doubt my favourite new workflow action added in Q2 2021 is the Facebook Conversion API action. If the Apple iOS 14 changes, messed up your Facebook ad campaigns this action will help you. Simply put, it lets you send your conversion event (lead/purchase) data that you have captured back to Facebook. It’s not a complete fix but it will help repair some of the damage.

Funnel Builder

The funnel builder is easy to use, easy to navigate, and will look familiar if you’re a current Clickfunnels user. The funnels load super fast as they use Google’s Level 0 CDN. HighLevel have also made it super easy to migrate your funnels from Clickfunnels at a click of a button! I’m an ex Clickfunnels user and will not move back. HighLevel simply offers so much more than Clickfunnels!

GoHighLevel Funnel Builder Diagram

Website Builder

The website builder allows you to build full websites using the same builder as the funnel builder or you can choose one of the many website templates within the website template library.

Membership Sites

Do you host courses or training on Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Teachable, or similar online platform?

GoHighLevel includes a membership platform where you can build an unlimited number of free or paid courses with an unlimited number of users for your clients or your own agency.

The membership area can be customized and fully branded using the built-in drag and drop editor.

The platform has the benefit of allowing you to drip content to members. You are fully in control of your membership area.

You get unlimited video hosting on the platform so you don’t need to host your videos on other platforms such as Vimeo, Wistia, or YouTube. No more having YouTubes related videos showing after your training videos.

Social Media Scheduling Tool

The Social Media Planner is now live for Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Reputation Management

The user friendly HighLevel Reputation Management focuses on helping you (and your clients) improve your business reputation on Google and Facebook. At the click of a button you can easily track, monitor and generate reviews. HighLevel reputation management offers features such as review monitoring, social media monitoring, sentimental analysis, response management and a review widget allowing you to automatically add 3* and above reviews to your website.

HighLevel Reputation Management Screenshot

Power Dialer

The HighLevel Power Dialer allows you to make calls from within the application (and from the mobile app). You can also transfer calls and setup a 3-way call.

We have also implemented an outbound call queue for our inhouse appointment setters. This works by calling the first number in the queue, then on that call ending there is a pause before the next number is called, and so on. We have it set so that if there is no answer on first attempt that number will be added back into the queue 2 hours later. We repeat adding leads back into the queue until a certain number of call attempts have been made.

We have also implemented an outbound call queue for our inhouse appointment setters. This works by impementing a workflow thats calls the first number in the queue, then on that call ending there is a pause before the next number is called, and so on. We have it set so that if there is no answer on first attempt that number will be added back into the queue 2 hours later. We repeat adding leads back into the queue until a certain number of call attempts have been made.

Chat Widget

The HighLevel chat widget allows people you to generate text-message conversations with users via a “chat” popup on your web pages. It’s very easy to setup and you can also setup a notification via a workflow to receive a text notification telling you about the message so that you can jump onto the system and respond to them ASAP.

Call Tracking & Recording

Do you use products such as CallRail or Call Tracking Metrics? This is the HighLevel replacement for those services.

Email Builder

With the email builder you can build amazing emails as well as send/schedule your emails right from within the builder. This is the replacement for the email marketing tools you use such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, or similar.


Are you ready to take your booking calendars to the next level?

You can have as many calendars as you want. Do you have 10 different services? Simply create a calendar for each service.

Do you need to assign appointments to different team members? No problem. Create a team and appointments will be assigned based on availability of each team member and on a weighting factor.

Want to take payment for the appointments on scheduling? No problem. Connect your Stripe account and set up payment for the individual calendar.

Appointments can also be 2-way synchronized with a Google calendar or an Outlook calendar (Important: Outlook sync is NOT available on the Starter Account).

Forms & Surveys

As you would expect, built right in is the ability to capture leads and information using surveys and forms. These can be integrated into any page you create using the page builder (landing pages, web pages, etc) or embed them on your own sites (eg your own wordpress website).

2 Way SMS Marketing

You can send and receive SMS messages within GoHighLevel and within the mobile app. GoHighLevel uses Twilio for SMS so there are extra usage charges involved. You can also request payments via SMS with the Text 2 Pay feature.

In our lead nurture campaigns we do a lot of SMS marketing within the first 7 days of getting a new lead. During those 7 days, we have found SMS gets a better response than email.


HighLevel has a number of inbuilt reports, including:

  • Facebook Ads Reporting
  • Google Ads Reporting
  • Attribution Report
  • Appointment Report
  •  Call Reporting
  • Agent Reporting

and if the above isn’t enough you can use webhooks to send your collected data to another reporting tool such as Google Data Studio or Google Sheets.

API Access

And if you need more than just webhooks, HighLevel also has offers API access. But this API acess is different across different price plans…

HighLevel API Access Diagram

How Do We Use GoHighLevel For Our Marketing Agency?

Lead generation => landing  pages, forms & surveys

CRM & Sales pipeline

Lead nurture => Automate our follow up marketing campaigns and nurture sequence –  email, text, voicemails, forced calls

Call recording and auditing

Appointment scheduling & calendar sync => sync with google calendar. Appointment reminder sequences to reduce no-shows

Automate our onboarding

Hosts our online courses

Hosts our client portal – training videos, how-to videos, sales scripts, faq’s

Video Testimonial Campaign => specific campaign to generate video testimonials for us from our clients

Host the website of our second boutique marketing agency Body Contouring Clients Now.

What we don’t use HighLevel for => cold outreach, hosting our main website 

How Do We Use GoHighLevel For Our Clients?

We focus heavily on delivering prepaid appointments and delivering a 4 to 1 return for our clients. How we use GoHighLevel for our clients is pretty much exactly how we use it for our agency.

The main differences are:

Prepaid appointments – we integrate Stripe with the calendars and take payment when appointments are scheduled.

Reactivation campaigns – We’ve developed a specific campaign that uses SMS & email to target the client’s email list with the purpose of bringing past customers back as new customers. It’s not unknown for us to hit our monthly appointment and sales target just with the reactivation campaign.

Reputation management – What business doesn’t want lots of 5-star reviews? We give this away as a bonus to our clients and they love it. The inbuilt reputation management is easy to set up and use. The reputation management tool allows you to request reviews from your customers, quickly respond to all Google & Facebook reviews, and easily display reviews on your website or funnels.

Website chat widget – This is another bonus we give away to our clients. It takes less than 5 minutes to get set up on their website and it’s a great way to make our clients log into their accounts to view and respond to the messages.

The GoHighLevel App

There is a GoHighLevel app available for iOS & Android. Download and log in with the same details you use for the desktop version. The sub-accounts (locations) that you can access are the same as those you access via desktop. The free version of the app is HighLevel branded. There is talk of rebranding the free version to Lead Connector so that your clients don’t know that you’re using HighLevel. You can have a custom-branded app for use by you and your clients but it will cost you an additional $497 per month.

The GoHighLevel app is available for iOS and Android

The app is split into 5 tabs:

  1. Dashboard – A at a glance summary of your pipelines, tasks, and reviews.
  2. Conversations – View past email and text messages conversations with contacts. 
  3. Opportunities – View your pipelines. Add & delete opportunities from your pipelines. Manually move opportunities between your pipeline stages.
  4. Appointments – View, add, edit, and delete appointments
  5. Contacts – View, add, edit, and delete contacts.

The app features I use the most are:

  • Making outgoing calls to clients & prospects – the caller display number is the number assigned to my account and not my cell phone number. I also have my account set up to record all calls.
  • Quickly checking & responding to text messages from clients & prospects.

GoHighLevel Help & Support

The HighLevel help & support is the best I’ve experienced from a SAAS company. The help documentation is easy to navigate. The support team is very responsive and easy to contact.

Let’s dive into the support channels on offer:

HighLevel help and support options menu

The help center is where you’re going to find the easily searchable HighLevel knowledgebase that contains help documentation & videos. There are a lot of “how to…” videos to get you up and running or to answer any questions you may have.

If you’ve got a problem that isn’t covered by the knowledge base, you can start a live chat with the team. They’re very responsive and will point you in the correct direction, answer your question if they can, or ask you to raise a support ticket in order to escalate the problem.

You can also raise a 1-on-1 support call. This is a 30-minute zoom video call but can’t be scheduled for the same working day.

If you’re looking for a direct & quick support option, and don’t mind paying for it on a monthly basis, then priority support may be the best option for you. Priority support gives you a dedicated HighLevel Account Manager with a 24hr SLA for support issues. It also comes with early access to Beta Programs. But it does come at a price. It’s $300 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months.

On top of this, there is also the HighLevel Facebook group. I’ll talk more about this in the next section.

The HighLevel Facebook Group & Wider Community

Highlevel Facebook group banner

There are currently three Facebook groups run by the HighLevel team:

  1. HighLevel – Official Community
  2. HighLevel – Pro Agency Group
  3. HighLevel Job Network

HighLevel - Official Community

For me, the HighLevel Official Community Facebook group is one of the best communities on social media. The group is full of helpful individuals who will answer questions or point you in the direction of a good resource. You’ll often find the owners & development team answering individual questions and announcing updates. It’s important to remember that the more helpful and engaged you are within the group, the more help you will receive when you need it.

The group is moderated well by the admins. Although as it grows in popularity I’m starting to notice an increase in engagement posts, self-congratulatory promotional posts, and various attempts to slide into other members DM’s that plague other Facebook groups.

HighLevel - Pro Agency Group

A group exclusively for those who are on the Agency Pro  Account plan. The main focus is on helping agencies transition and set themselves up as a SAAS agency. Inside there’s some exclusive training on launching a SAAS agency.

HighLevel Job Network

Simply put a group to match up those who need to hire someone to help with there HighLevel account & services development with those who offer those services for a fee. Some examples might be CSS customization, integrating 3rd party software using the api, landing page design, funnel design, etc.

The Wider Community

There’s also a growing number of people providing helpful resources and services both free & paid. You’ll find HighLevel blog posts, youtube channels, training courses, consultation services, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’re going to find the answers to the questions I’m often asked about GHL. Let me know in the comments if you have a question about HighLevel that hasn’t been answered in this review.

What are the tools GoHighLevel can replace?

GoHighlevel allows you to replace the tools and platforms you use for the following:

  • CRM & pipeline management
  • Funnel builder
  • Website Builder
  • Membership Sites / Courses
  • Social Media Scheduling Tool
  • Reputation Management
  • Email marketing *
  • SMS marketing *
  • Voicemail marketing *
  • Call tracking
  • Surveys & Forms
  • Bookings & appointments
  • and more…

* requires connectivity through 3rd party service provider.

Are emails, SMS, and voice call charges included in the price?

No, they are not included. For voice & SMS calls you need to set up and connect to a Twilio account. For emails, you need to set up and connect to an SMTP service such as MailGun, Sendinblue, Gmail, etc…

NB: With the Agency Pro Account you can easily rebill your clients and include a markup for the email, SMS, and voice calls.

Will There Be White Labeling for GoHighLevel?

There already is a white label version. The minimum subscription level you need to be on is the Freelancer Account at $297 per month. The Freelancer Account allows you to white label the desktop version of the platform.

There is also the option of upgrading to include a custom-branded mobile app. This is available for both Android and iOS. The upgrade cost is an additional $497 per month.

Easily whitelabel the HighLevel desktop app

Does GoHighLevel Offer A White-Label App?

Yes, GoHighLevel does offer a white-label app for your agency. HighLevel can build you a custom-branded mobile app. This will be available for your clients to download from the relevant app stores for iOS and Android. Also included is a white-label Zapier account so that your clients don’t know that GoHighLevel is the platform you are using.

The white-label app is an add-on premium upgrade and costs an extra $497 per month.

A requirement of the white-label app is that you must have a Freelancer Account ($297 per month).

Is there a limit on the number of funnels?

No, you can build an unlimited number of funnels per client account (sub-account).

Will I be able to Clone Funnels with GoHighLevel?

Yes, you can clone funnels with GoHighLevel.

Within HighLevel you can clone funnels within the same sub-account and between different sub-accounts within your Agency account.

You can also import your funnels from Clickfunnels. With a simple copy and paste you can import from clickfunnels into HighLevel. Then use the drag & drop editor to update and tweak your funnnel.

This import feature does allow you to copy other people’s successful funnels from Clickfunnels. It is tempting but please model and do not copy other people’s work.

Will I be able to share funnels in GoHighLevel?

Yes, you can share funnels in GoHighLevel. You can share an individual funnel with another GoHighLevel account.

Will GoHighlevel have a blogging platform?

GoHighlevel is not designed to be a blogging platform. I recommend that you use a platform that is specifically designed for blogging and one that is great for SEO. I use WordPress for blogging and direct traffic across to my marketing funnels that are on HighLevel.

What Does HighLevel integrate with?

  • HighLevel seamlessly integrates with:
  • Google account so that you can synchronize calendars
  • Google My Business and Google Analytics to view reports within the HighLevel Dashboard
  • Facebook Lead Ads to import leads directly into your account without relying on other software like Zapier
  • Facebook Business Page to allow 2-way facebook messenger communication from within HighLevel
  • Facebook Ad Account to view reports
  • Stripe to allow payments to be easily taken
  • Twilio for 2-way texting, voicemail drops, call recording, outbound calls, inbound call routing
  • Mailgun so you can send and receive emails  (other SMTP services are easy to set up as well)
  • And then to take it to the next level:
  • You can use webhooks to send data to external platforms
  • Every agency account has an API and every sub-account has its own API. The API allows connectivity via services such as Zapier to hundreds (thousands?) of other platforms. On top of this, the API also allows you to code custom integrations for your business.

How many Custom Domains can I use with GoHighLevel?

There is no limit. You can use as many custom domains or sub-domains as you wish. Your pages, funnels, membership sites can all use the same one or they can each have a different one.

All client sub-accounts can also be set up with the client’s domain or sub-domain. This will allow consistent branding across the assets for that client.

Does GoHighLevel have FREE SSL?

Yes, GoHighLevel has free SSL. SSL is automatically added when you set up your domain or sub-domain on the platform.

Does GoHighLevel Have A Reputation Manager?

Yes, GoHighLevel does have a reputation manager.

For me, there are 3 parts to reputation management within HighLevel…

First, the ability to request reviews from your customers. There’s a “Client Check-In” button that sends a custom Google review request to that client by SMS or Email. You can set this up so that the review request is sent after a set amount of time (eg 1 hour).

GoHighLevel's reputation manager client check in functionality

Second, the ability to quickly and easily respond to all Google & Facebook reviews. GoHighLevel integrates with your Google My Business location profile and your Facebook business page. All reviews are pulled into and displayed with the Reputation Management section allowing you to respond to all Google & Facebook reviews from one place.

Respond to Google and Facebook Reviews with the GoHighLevel Reputation Manager

Third, the GHL Review Widget allows you to display reviews on your website or funnels. The widget will only display reviews with a rating of 4.5 stars and above.

The GoHighLevel Reputation Manager also comes with a website review widget

As an extra bonus, you can easily set up a more in-depth marketing campaign asking past clients to leave you a review.

Does HighLevel Have A Built-In Calendar Booking?

Yes, it does have calendar booking and it’s a fantastic feature of the software. Calendar booking can be set up to work how you and your business work. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. If you have a sales team, each individual member of the team can have their own calendar. If you offer different services, each service can have its own calendar and the calendars can be synchronized so that you do not get overlapping appointments. You can take credit card payments when an appointment is scheduled. You can synchronize with your personal Google calendar meaning if you schedule a personal appointment this blocks out the time on your synchronized HighLevel calendars.

Being able to synchronize HighLevel calendars with Google calendar allows you to synchronize with any other booking system that allows google calendar synchronization.

As soon as an appointment is made you can send out notifications to yourself or team members. You can send out personalized appointment confirmations via email, SMS, or voicemail drop. You can send out personalized appointment reminders to the customer to avoid no-shows.

Does GoHighLevel Have A Membership Site?

Yes, GoHighLevel has a membership site. The membership platform is completely free and allows you to build courses for your clients or your own agency.

You can make an unlimited number of courses with an unlimited number of users. The platform allows you to offer free or paid courses.

The membership area can be customized and fully branded using the built-in drag and drop editor.

The platform has the benefit of allowing you to drip content to members. You are fully in control of your membership area.

You get unlimited video hosting on the platform so you don’t need to host your videos on other platforms such as Vimeo, Wistia, or YouTube. No more having YouTubes related videos showing after your training videos.

Is GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliant?

GoHighLevel does offer HIPAA Compliance but it is a paid upgrade. When purchased and enabled, all user data within all location accounts (all sub-accounts) will be protected and HIPAA compliant. The HIPAA upgrade is $297 per month. Once applied to your account, it cannot be removed.

What Is The GoHighLevel Marketplace?

The marketplace is the white-label fulfillment arm of GoHighLevel.

The marketplace is the white-label fulfillment arm of GoHighLevel

In the marketplace, you will find the various white-label services including:

  • Website Build
  • Funnel Build
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Google & Bing Ads

You will also find options to add premium features to your subscription. These include:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • White Label App
  • Priority Support

What's The Difference Between The Starter Agency Account And The Agency Unlimited Account?

There are 2 main differences between the Agency Starter Account ($97pcm & now referred to just as the Starter Account) and the Agency Unlimited Account($297pcm & now called the Freelancer Account).

Firstly, the Starter Account only has one sub-account (one location account).  It is designed to be used by your business for your business. Whereas the Freelancer Account has unlimited sub-accounts (unlimited location accounts). One sub-account is used for your business and you set up sub-accounts for each of your clients.

Secondly,  the Freelancer Account allows you to brand the desktop app. This allows you to use your own domain and customize the look and feel of the platform. This means your clients will view it as your platform and not as the GoHighLevel platform.

What Is The GoHighLevel Pricing?

GoHighLevel has three base account options:

  1. The Starter Account
  2. The Freelancer Account
  3. The Agency Pro Account


GoHighLevel has been a game-changer for my agency and how we deliver results for our clients. It has helped to completely transform the success of my agency and my clients businesses.

It has enabled us to acquire more new clients – By simplfying and taking full advantage of the automation available we now spend less time on fullfillment and more time on prospecting and sales.

We’ve saved a small fortune on monthly software fees without losing any functionality. We’ve replaced most of systems we used with HighLevel – Clickfunnels, ActiveCampaign, Kajabi, Pipedrive etc…

Our clients love the results we deliver by using the GHL platfom. Client retention has increased from 3 to 14 months!

I 100% recommend you give it a shot. GoHighLevel is the #1 Sales & Marketing Platform that will enable you to grow your business with ease.

They also offer a free 14-day trial. The trial gives you full unrestricted access: unlimited funnels, marketing automation, websites etc… Try it out, you will not regret it!

Sign Up For Your  GoHighLevel 14 Day Free Trial Today…

Don’t forget to share this post!

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One of today’s greatest challenges facing service area businesses or brick & mortar businesses is their ability to generate leads. Where once yellow pages used

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